July 12, 2010

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Volcker “lined up public support for a tough crackdown from other well-known financiers who are roughly his age” — NYT

“Crowds of football-mad Polynesians turned away from the World Cup final to look to the skies instead” — BBC

“Toy Story 3″ now the top-grossing film in Pixar’s history — EW

Are government scientists just as frustrated with Obama as they were with Bush? — LAT

Conde Nast subsidiary Reddit launches a pledge drive. Does Si know about this? — Reddit

In Despicable Me, “The Bank of Evil” has a sign that reads “formerly Lehman Brothers” — Jackson

Me, on Marketplace Money, talking about how you can’t trust financial journalism — Marketplace

Evelyn Konrad: A real-world version of Charlotte Graves, in Adam Haslett’s Union Atlantic? — NYT

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