By Felix Salmon
July 15, 2010
Improbable Research

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Steinbrenner pays no estate tax; this is “a social scientist’s fondest dream” — Improbable Research

NYC Man Fined $2,000 For Taking Discarded Garbage — WCBS

Having small investors participate in the market only undermines markets’ role in governance and capital allocation — Yglesias

This TBI parody is absolutely priceless — Photobucket

Possibly the greatest media prank ever: Rupert Murdoch, Neel Shah, and the Short Pants — Get Excited

Khoi Vinh is leaving the NYT. A huge loss for them, very sad. He’ll do great in his new projects — Subtraction

Someone tell Oyl Miller that a tweet can’t be 503 words long — McSweeney’s

Cardiff Garcia on Sebastian Mallaby on hedge funds — Garcia

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Per Garcia Article:
7) If the Hedge Fund industry is the only area that remains free of scrutiny and regulation, then that is where people who don’t want to be scrutinized or regulated are going to end up going. Think about that.

Posted by REDruin | Report as abusive

Well regulation sure halted all the problems at Madoff….

Also loving this idea that somehow Magnetar or Paulson were somehow responsible for the subprime crisis or making it worse or prolonging it. There is exactly one group of people responsible for that and that is the people who BOUGHT the bonds and WROTE protection. These are the baddies, but of course the SEC is out suing their counterparties and Morgensen and Smith will write yet more idiotic articles about how these incompetent fools were “taken advantage of”.

Posted by Danny_Black | Report as abusive

Oy! Felix! “Tweet” is this generation’s “Howl” (or at least an homage to it), not an actual tweet.

Posted by Citoyen | Report as abusive
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