July 16, 2010

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Goldman had $27 billion in cash and short-term securities on March 31 — Footnoted

Chittum deftly fillets the WSJ’s poor effort on farmers and the fin reg bill — CJR

The behavioral psychology of IPOs — PsyFi

The Team America patch that helped get McChrystal in trouble — Atlantic

2,000 words on the mathematics of apportioning Congressional seats, and possible fixes — HNN

What does India’s new currency symbol symbolize? “It is just a symbol,” says the designer — Gulf News

The Alan Greenspan Chair of Economics at NYU Stern. For real — Ritholtz

Justin Fox’s plan for world domination continues on course — BusinessWire

Hans Rosling on global population growth. He’s a superstar. Watch this talk, it’s only 10 minutes. It’s great — TED

Paul Murphy explains how to use EDGAR. It’s non-trivial — Alphaville

Dan Ariely launches his Procrastinator app. I’m definitely not buying it today — Ariely

Notebooks from “the company the makes the paper for the Euro note”. Now 50% off. In dollar terms — DWR

Time to short WEIRD debt! — NYT

How to bike and be chic: ride the wrong way down the middle of a one-way street — WSJ

Ben Stein’s new book tells you to ignore Ben Stein. So I guess that’s one piece of good advice — Elfenbein

Argentina approves landmark gay marriage bill — Reuters


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