July 19, 2010
Index Universe

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Someone put the proton on a diet! — NatGeo

There are five reasons to drink sake. — Language Log

A kid called Felix Salmon, in Melbourne, showing off his mad scooter skillz while wearing a Felix the Cat t-shirt — YouTube

Ultimate word rage — Language Log

“People over 65, of course, have the country’s highest mortality… death, of course, is unavoidable” — NYT

David Blackwell RIP — NYT

His most successful experiment is “a bacon fat-washed Compass Box Peat Monster Scotch mixed with Brown Sugar Syrup” — The Atlantic

Pay no attention to stock buybacks: they do not improve economic returns — Credit Trends

Treasury, Bund and gilt yields can remain historically low. There’s nowhere else for the risk-averse to go — FT

If the 2010 curve continues its current course, the 2010 slowdown will be more severe than 2008 was at the same point — Consumer Indexes

Letter to the FT: “We desperately need journalists with no sources, only data!” — FT

The Limits Of Indexing: “don’t assume that your index tracker is going to track the index”, especially in EM — Index Universe

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