August 12, 2010

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Jeff Skilling’s legal fees might reach $150m, while Lehman execs are racking up fees at a rate of $5m/month — NYT

Wells Fargo Must Pay Consumers $203 Million in Overdraft Case — Bloomberg

Today’s Market Action As Predicted By Jim Cramer — ZH (forward to 3:10)

$220 Million London Penthouse Now World’s Most Expensive — Luxist

The endangered terraced verandas of Kashgar — Flickr

Prisoners of Debt: an hour-long documentary on the 1982 debt crisis — NFB

“Hedge funds now account for 20% of trading volume in the Treasury bond market, up from just 3% in 2009″ — FT

“Every sommelier has a pet wine & wishes more guests would drink it. These wines are intentionally well-priced” — Atlantic

Now THIS is how to sell newspapers — Twitpic

“Greek Statistics” makes Schott’s Vocab — NYT

The deterioration in CMBS numbers here prolly says more about MBIA than about CMBS — NYT

Murakami at Versailles — Dezeen


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