August 13, 2010

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Teenager-backed bonds — Alphaville

The Problem With Financial Journalism — HuffPo

“Somehow, so far, Apple has gotten away with it, maybe because nobody‚Äôs even realized this feature is in there” — NYT

“Vaughn Walker is something special, and the way he has worked this case is simply a work of art” — FDL

Treasuries are risk-free up to 2 years. Bunds are risk-free past 10 years — Alphaville

The UK joining Schengen is a no-brainer, and should have happened years ago. But the Tories’ll never do it — Economist

“The negative TIPS yield is a rational reaction to the lunatic casino that has infested every market in the world” — Self-evident

Beautiful charts: World Population by Latitude/Longitude — Kedrosky

Slater’s tantrum “as the inevitable nadir of a decade-and-a-half-long deterioration in passenger stowage” — Gawker

Gridlock Sam’s great op-ed on the idiocy of NYC bridge tolls — NYDN

Comedy pays better than drama — Yahoo

Six essential questions about the deficit, Wall Street and Washington — Nieman Watchdog

Ryan Avent has a very smart take on the unemployment issue — Economist

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street – a good Dutch doc — YouTube


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