August 23, 2010

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Mikael Blomkvist vs Andrew Sorkin. Hardly seems fair — NYT

Forgot Your Password? The game — Wonder Tonic

Viacom Digital Boss Greg Clayman Headed to Rupert Murdoch’s iPad Newspaper — All Things D

Ten year annualized real GDP has dipped to 1.62%, the lowest level since the early 1950s — Econompic

The Tragic Death of Practically Everything — Technologizer

AABender1 leaves me a very smart comment on closed-bank vs open-bank resolution — Reuters

Whom would you rather date: a guy with lots of expensive stuff, or a guy with lots of savings? — NYT

NOAA Claims Scientists Reviewed Controversial Report; The Scientists Say Otherwise — HuffPo

Things People Believe — Yglesias

How the social security trust fund works — Drum

Mortgage rates hit new all-time lows, ranging from 3.53% to 4.42% — WSJ

Charles Komanoff slaps down the energy-savers-are-delusional meme — Grist

There are bond buyers, and then there are scripophilists — Bloomberg

E.J. Graff on the jurisprudence of gay marriage — The Nation

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