By Felix Salmon
August 24, 2010
Shame the Banks

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Will IndyMac unnecessarily foreclose on a church? Looks like it — Shame the Banks

The bogusity of the NYT story about how technology leads more national park visitors into trouble — Slate

Clearly it can pay not to cooperate with a story: Fortune’s piece on Trader Joe’s couldn’t have been more gushing — Fortune

Build tall, yes. But don’t build ugly, if you can avoid it. 15 Penn Plaza is a monstrosity — Archpaper

“I don’t just think outside the box, I stand on top of it. I aim to appease my employer.” — Gawker

I might not have a house of worship or a community of faith, but I’m 100% behind this — War on Prayer

Expected inflation over the next 30 years: 1.9% — SA

Markets in everything: Blagojevich autograph, $50 — Politico

Why would a housewares store like Rejuvenation accept credit cards but not debit cards? Weird — WSJ

How one driver can stop traffic jams — Eskimo

Baruch vs bonds. Compelling — Ultimi Barbarorum

One of the most dangerous phrases in finance: “It’s free money.” — Aleph


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RE: IndyMac prepping to FC on the church, reminds one of a certain TV-to-big-screen conversion in recent years. Cue the scene of Montgomery Burns unleashing the hounds…

Those members might have lucked out nearly the same with mr. potter

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15 Penn Plaza is very similar to another Pelli project in shanghai, the international financial centre. You may remember it from the movie the dark knight where batman jumps off the building. It is a handsome builidng in shanghai where most of the tall buildings are recently built. putting that type of building in new york i think is less successful. also, I think the rendering of 15 penn plaza doesn’t help it much.

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