August 24, 2010
Shame the Banks

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Will IndyMac unnecessarily foreclose on a church? Looks like it — Shame the Banks

The bogusity of the NYT story about how technology leads more national park visitors into trouble — Slate

Clearly it can pay not to cooperate with a story: Fortune’s piece on Trader Joe’s couldn’t have been more gushing — Fortune

Build tall, yes. But don’t build ugly, if you can avoid it. 15 Penn Plaza is a monstrosity — Archpaper

“I don’t just think outside the box, I stand on top of it. I aim to appease my employer.” — Gawker

I might not have a house of worship or a community of faith, but I’m 100% behind this — War on Prayer

Expected inflation over the next 30 years: 1.9% — SA

Markets in everything: Blagojevich autograph, $50 — Politico

Why would a housewares store like Rejuvenation accept credit cards but not debit cards? Weird — WSJ

How one driver can stop traffic jams — Eskimo

Baruch vs bonds. Compelling — Ultimi Barbarorum

One of the most dangerous phrases in finance: “It’s free money.” — Aleph


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