By Felix Salmon
August 25, 2010

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Great clip from Inside Job, putting Ric Mishkin on the spot about why he didn’t disclose a $124,000 conflict — Yahoo

Love on the subway — Reuters

“I’ve never seen an executive lose the support of an organization then regain it” — Horowitz

Non-profits aren’t – or shouldn’t be – brands. Watch Livestrong and Demand drag each other down — Gimein

Locklin vs nanotechnology — Locklin

Matt Cooper to National Journal. Who will write the FCIC report? — Fishbowl NY

Wherein Marty Peretz apologizes to Liza Minelli, and praises her “exemplary private life” — TNR

Julian Dibbell delivers a spectacularly smart and grown-up profile of 4chan. It’ll change the way you think about it — Technology Review


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I really want to read the grown-up profile for 4chan, but this cursed internet filter at work won’t let me!

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Re:Mishkin does not do well in the hot seat. He can barely speak and when he does the lies leap out. (actually he has a liar’s stutter)

Re:4chan is the teen wet dream of sites. I am thinking I would rather teens pooped on a site and ran then poop in a bag and leave it on the neighbour’s steps. ( they actually did, but forgot to set it afire. If you are going to do an old nasty prank, at least do it right)

BTW If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on 4chan, so discontinue browsing immediately. (The irony of a site developed by a 15 year old for like minds.)

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