August 25, 2010

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Great clip from Inside Job, putting Ric Mishkin on the spot about why he didn’t disclose a $124,000 conflict — Yahoo

Love on the subway — Reuters

“I’ve never seen an executive lose the support of an organization then regain it” — Horowitz

Non-profits aren’t – or shouldn’t be – brands. Watch Livestrong and Demand drag each other down — Gimein

Locklin vs nanotechnology — Locklin

Matt Cooper to National Journal. Who will write the FCIC report? — Fishbowl NY

Wherein Marty Peretz apologizes to Liza Minelli, and praises her “exemplary private life” — TNR

Julian Dibbell delivers a spectacularly smart and grown-up profile of 4chan. It’ll change the way you think about it — Technology Review


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