September 13, 2010

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Even in New York City, $250,000 is rich — WaPo

Woman doors & kills cyclist, then tries to leave for a baby shower. NYPost commenters pile on, blaming… the cyclist — NYP

“Fortuitously, there exists one location that would be ideal for the ‘Ground Zero mosque.’ That would be Ground Zero.” — TNY

Sue Craig, in her first NYT story, recapitulates a story she wrote, better, 4 years ago — NYT, Times

“The value of a house is the capitalised value of the stream of housing consumption provided by it over its lifetime. So it depends on the capitalisation rate used. You can’t ignore the level of interest rates in thinking about these things.” — Dsquared

Even after Lehman collapsed and Einhorn’s Allied book was published, Allied was paying Sitrick to discredit him — Boyd

Forbes Jumps the Shark — MoJo

The Death Of The RSS Reader — PaidContent

“The HP board can now lay claim, officially, to the title of the Most Inept Board in America” — NYT

High income improves evaluation of life but not emotional well-being — PNAS

If the Fed wants to do a $300bn helicopter-drop onto Treasury, all it needs to do is mark its gold to market — Alea

“It’s the best first day of school they’ve ever had” — SFGate

Research subjects treat computers like other people — WSJ

Think your seat in coach is cramped? Take a look at the SkyRider — USA Today

March 2007 was not Austan Goolsbee’s finest hour. “The mortgage market has become more perfect, not more irresponsible” — NYT

How to get ahead at Citi, if you’re a woman: “one good pump” on the handshake, ladies — Dealbreaker


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