Comments on: Counterparties A slice of lime in the soda Sun, 26 Oct 2014 19:05:02 +0000 hourly 1 By: hsvkitty Mon, 13 Sep 2010 23:49:12 +0000 “Flabbergasted” was the perfect word for the Mother Jones article the Forbes cover story. Holy crap was what I said out loud though…

Obviously you are not writing a smack down?

By: hsvkitty Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:14:04 +0000 Didn’t Felix add the post by Ezra klein because it was just so ‘dumb?’ The assertion that what you had available to buy makes you richer or poorer is pretty odd … but then I will never be rich so can’t assume think like one who may be.

And cannot the rich in Columbus afford even more readily to jet off to New york to buy the things that are more available in the ‘big city?’ If I missed his point then tell me how because I didn’t get that.

Update at Dealbreakers. We females can rest assured it was a female ‘head of Diversity’ handing out schlock from a book written by a felmale Psychologist to make life more reasonable in a man’s world … so life is rosey after all?

Errrm, well NO! Read the comments of pent up sexual envy/hate/harrassment on Dealbreaker to understand that THAT truly is what women face on a daily basis and why crap like that handout are laughable.

(I preferred leaving my handprint on the cheek as it said it all and being it lasted for up to 3 days was a better deterrent for the bad behaviour then any. Trouble is, the same jerks who put their hand up the skirt now think your assault on them is unwarranted and they will now cry baby to management and get YOU sacked)

Here is the update

“As a female employee at Citi, I have one of these on my desk. They were NOT handed out by the HR department, but rather by the Head of Diversity, Patricia David, who is no longer with the firm. (Currently at JP Morgan I believe.) They are handed out at workshops geared towards women, often hosted by “Women’s Councils” that exist in various Citi locations.”

By: AllDueRespect Mon, 13 Sep 2010 14:06:13 +0000 Felix,

Sorry, but Ezra Klein is the epitome of gold-plated misinformation. Always has, always will.

By: B_Bracket Mon, 13 Sep 2010 13:53:13 +0000 As always Ezra gets everything wrong, and even supplies the information to confirm that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. On top of which he manipulates his graph to distort the information that he provides.

I love the comments, beating the hell out of Ezra for not understanding the basics or accounting for the difference between NYC and Manhattan. Then you have to consider NYC’s horrible taxes which push out high income earners to CT, NJ, Westchester, and FL (the really high end tends to be tax resident in FL) and its status as a World city, so the world’s elite buys “pied a terres” in Manhattan. Before accounting for these last two Manhattan already has more than 16% above a $200k income.

Now of course this exposes the lie behind your shared politics – anyone making more than a subsistence living is part of the hated rich and must be destroyed as an offering to your God Obama. It’s just hilarious to see you both fail so publicly and in a half-assed manner. you know you’re talking to quants and yet you pull ridiculously fail stunts. Show why no one should ever trust a Liberal Arts major or journalist.

By: hsvkitty Mon, 13 Sep 2010 13:45:48 +0000 Even in New York City, $250,000 is rich?

But what you buy and whether you try to keep up with the people in the penthouse is a personal decision, not an objective economic necessity?

That those 2 sentences even needed to be said makes me gag a little.


So sad about the cyclist. The comments are pretty heartless. You are a brave man, Felix, to be cycling in New York… I hated to walk there at times… and would never THINK of cycling…


Citi forgot to add, let your moustache grow and add testosterone shots to your B12 appointments.


I loved the wish list for teachers (best first day of school) More people should consider being benefactors for schools!

Our parent organization at our school(like your PTA) gave $100 to each teacher every year to help offset their costs. Did you know most teachers spend up to 1k of their OWN money to buy supplies their students need or couldn’t afford and for items the school board can’t provide?

Plus the teacher made wish lists and the reasons they needed the items and those were presented to the fundraisers throughout the year.

By: ottorock Mon, 13 Sep 2010 12:17:21 +0000 On this prompt i went and checked my site stats, where it notes that 18X more people are reading the site on RSS via Google Reader than via Bloglines. Eighteen times!

Methinks RSS under Google is doing just fine.