By Felix Salmon
September 14, 2010

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Exterminators made $258 million from bedbugs in 2009, up 263 percent from three years before — Slate

SEC sues Reserve Fund’s Bents for losing investors’ money. Bents say investors should foot their legal bill — Crain’s NY

White House renominates Diamond to Fed board — Bloomberg

White House denies plan to avoid Warren fight — Politico

Credit Suisse’s handy chart of the core Tier 1 capital of Europe’s biggest banks — Twitpic

NYU’s rent-control scheme — Mankiw

Bike Snob responds to my biking post — BSNYC

Barack Obama becomes the biggest arms dealer of all time, selling $60bn worth of F-15s to Saudi Arabia — Guardian

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“In its notification to Congress, the administration will authorise the Saudis to buy as many as 84 new F-15 fighters, upgrade 70 more, and purchase three different types of helicopters – 70 Apaches, 72 Black Hawks and 36 Little Birds, the Wall Street Journal reported.”

Holy smokes!

What I don’t understand is, how come they don’t give Barack Obama a second Nobel Peace Prize to go with his other one?

But at least it makes sense for one democratic, freedom loving country to support another. Apostasty is punishable by death? That’s cool.

Posted by DanHess | Report as abusive

I’ve never quite understood the reasoning behind “rent control”. Can anybody point me towards some insightful analysis of the concept, either for or against?

Seems to me to be a HUGE government intervention in the marketplace. Those usually have massive consequences, often unintended. Could this be part of why NYC real estate is so inflated?

Posted by TFF | Report as abusive
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