September 16, 2010

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Obama to name critic Warren to consumer job — Reuters

The razors and blades myth — SSRN

Not going to Eleven Madison for my anniversary this year — Black Von

US 10-year returns by asset class. Sobering — TBI

James Kelleher profiles a long-term unemployed worker who’s voting Republican and doesn’t want his benefits extended — Reuters

Hiding Losses, Via the Calendar — NYT

“When we first opened the John Dory, we spun it as British. This time we got our story straight, it’s Mediterranean.” — Eater

Japan, with a 99% conviction rate, sentenced 112 people to death and executed 46 from 2000-2009 — NYT

“Franzen has little interest in the world of work. (The same applies, incidentally, to whoever edited the novel.)” — Atlantic

Can someone work out what kind of leverage Barnegat must have to get these returns from this trade? — FT

The Portland (Maine) Press Herald “sincerely apologizes” for running a photo of peaceful, observant Muslims on Sep 11 — TBI


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