September 17, 2010
Economics of Contempt

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Some Unsolicited Advice for Regulators — Economics of Contempt

There are 43.6 million Americans living in poverty — Reuters

The Bloomberg terminal wedding cake — YouTube

The stupidity of Comic Sans, it’s contagious! — The Atlantic

Flavorwire on author photos: “Who wouldn’t trust someone who likes a good couch sitting now and then?” — Flavorwire

Of 294 terror attacks in Europe in 2009, 1 was Islamist (vs 237 separatist, 40 leftist, 4 rightist) — Geographic Travels

Assessing the TARP on the Eve of Its Expiration: The COP‘s last report — COP (Update: Not the last report, it turns out: they’ll continue through April 2011.)


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