By Felix Salmon
September 21, 2010
Zero Hedge

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CNN email: “Stocks rally to 4-month highs after economists report recession ended in June.” Yes, that’s June 2009 — HuffPo

Correlations are high at the open and close, lower mid trading day — Zero Hedge

Looks like Hempton’s still short UTA, which is recovering impressively from his blog-hit — Bronte Capital

WSJ screengrab of the day — EWT

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Re: HuffPo

This IS the recovery. Over the past thirty years we’ve seen remarkable growth for an already-mature economy, some of that growth built on sustainable gains in productivity and other parts of that growth built on economic imperialism. As that latter foundation crumbles over the coming decades, our economy will face strong headwinds. GDP growth will be severely muted for a while.

Plan for 1% or 2% annual growth and we probably won’t be disappointed. Insist on planning for 4% annual growth and we risk running the economy over a cliff.

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