Felix Salmon


September 27, 2010

Buckyball wars — BoingBoing

New Home Sales: Lowest Median Price since 2003 — CR

Chinese iPhone 4 comes with a crippled Maps app — Ogle Earth

FBI Reportedly Looking Into Angelgate — BizJournals, PEHub

If Ron Conway really cared about entrepreneurs, you’d think he’d be able to spell the word — TechCrunch

Why Ireland is bailing out foreign banks

September 27, 2010

Robert Peston has a theory for why Ireland can’t bail in the sophisticated institutions which lent untold billions to the country’s beleaguered banks:

Nick Denton’s next move

September 27, 2010

The Michael Idov profile of Nick Denton is interesting, if you’re interested in Nick Denton. I’m more interested in Gawker Media than in Denton personally, so for me the best part comes at the end:

Parsing Volcker

September 27, 2010

Paul Volcker should carry Damian Paletta around with him wherever he goes. Volcker’s speech to the Chicago Fed on Thursday, delivered, as Yves Smith says, “in a moderate, occasionally perplexed tone” was not exactly gripping stuff. But Paletta saw something blistering there and well done to him for doing so. Paletta’s Volcker might be a bit more forthright than the real-world Tall Paul (I’m reminded, once again, of Kripke’s Wittgenstein), but that just means that we’ve now created the best critic yet of the national and international financial architecture: the natural authority of Volcker, distilled by Paletta into its purest and most powerful form of critique. By which I mean, a numbered list!

When secret meetings are boring and useless

September 27, 2010

The WSJ has a great little story proving once and for all that just because something is secret doesn’t mean it’s interesting. Apparently, for a year or so, a “secret task force” met at ungodly hours on the sidelines of various euro-events in cities like Brussels and Luxembourg. Its members were hand-picked, its task momentous: to come up with a plan should a eurozone country enter a crisis and threaten the currency union.

Forbes blogs for sale

September 26, 2010

Lewis D’Vorkin has got off to a rocky start as the guy in charge of editorial at both Forbes magazine and its website: the controversy over the magazine’s execrable cover story by Dinesh D’Souza continues to reverberate. Now, to make matters worse, D’Vorkin seems to be hell-bent on stirring up a Scienceblogs-style uproar over the website’s blogging platform. (Which is basically D’Vorkin’s True/Slant, rebranded.) Michael Learmonth reports:

The Goldman headquarters default

September 26, 2010

There’s all manner of delicious irony here: a company called Antedon bought the European headquarters of Goldman Sachs for £355 million ($562 million) in 2007, complete with a lease to the bank which runs until 2026. Yet somehow Antedon has contrived to default on the loan, and the buildings have now been seized by Antedon’s lenders, a group led by Landesbank Berlin.

How can we get banks to lend to green tech?

September 26, 2010

William Wild has an intriguing idea which could be applied not only to new stimulus funds but even to energy-infrastructure funds left over from the first stimulus which haven’t yet been spent. His premises are simple; here’s how I understand them.

When credit unions fail

September 24, 2010

There are lots of great credit unions in America, all of which are owned by their members. And then there are the corporate credit unions, which are atrocious and expensive failures. Today, the final nail was placed in their coffin when the last three big corporates were officially taken over by the government.