October 4, 2010

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Last year, CNN generated $500 million in profit, its best year ever — NYM (Also: why were both Klein and Zucker fired just after signing new contracts?)

This story implies that The Atlantic’s digital ad revenues will rise by 42% in 2010 over 2009 levels — AdAge

Transsexual finds his old friends asking him for tech-related advice now he’s a man — Good Men Project

The AP has no idea how the S&P 500 works — Yahoo

Abusing the Fed’s revolving door — Reuters

Landline nostalgia: “a communal phone makes an apartment feel like a home and makes me feel like I have a family” — Noah Brier

“There must be a renaissance, because nobody bothered to dislike puppetry before” — Puppet

We should build Park51 for architectural reasons alone — NYT

Maine class action against GMAC — CRL

The high cost of corner-cutting at foreclosure mills — NYT; See also ZH

Saul Bass letterhead — Letterheady

The IMF recommends we “End the Credit Rating Addiction” — IMF

The news here is surely that Steve Jobs helicoptered in to Rupert Murdoch’s Carmel ranch in June, to talk iPad — Valleywag

Another way Iraq is worse than Belgium: it’s just broken the record for longest time with no government — WaPo

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