Felix TV

By Felix Salmon
October 13, 2010

What’s this about me getting some kind of online video programming before the end of the year?

Well, it’s all still a little vague and it’s very much a work in progress. But right now the idea is that I do a little rant into a video camera, and then the Reuters production wizards add some very cute bells and whistles and edit it down into something snappy and fun. Here’s a proof of concept, let me know what you think!


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It sort of works but seriously, as I said on the last one, you really need to cut down on the hand and arm gestures unless you’re going after the Magnus Pyke franchise. If this is the new orthodoxy in broadcast training fair enough, but it’s quite distracting.

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Like this a lot, thank you, entertaining, informative. Have been a reader of your blog for a while, the first place I go to see what is going on in the world of finance. Your explaination and information on the Magnetar “situation” was just one of the many times you have explained and informed on complex, mostly dark, corners of the financial world.

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I disagree with dsquared, hand and arm gesture make it seem more natural. In fact, I daresay if Felix was standing behind a podium, there would be less movement and gesture because of the additional props, this is how it goes.

To Felix, I say this is awesome! Now that Paddy Hirsch is off at Stanford for a year, we’re down one marketplace commentator with a foreign accent (thereby implying authority and knowledge.) Just kidding about that, but this does seem to be positioning itself as a sort of upmarket Hirsch whiteboard. I like.

Posted by GregHao | Report as abusive

Not bad. The information was clearly presented although I had a minor seizure watching it.

Posted by Developer | Report as abusive

OOOOh the wizards made your hand movements go whoooosh!

It was actually fun and informative. But a little toastmasters might be in order. (Put those hands down unless they are showing something important)

Babywipes are great in the car and when camping!

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

Big fan of the blog, but the camera zooming in and out (webcam autofocus failure?) makes it seem like a wobbly drunk was filming, and the hand gestures and movement are over the top. Also needs higher video quality. I think this might be better in the “RSAnimate” format, where you give the voiceover while someone does some clever animation. Defintely needs to be less spastic in one way or another though.

Posted by factorial | Report as abusive

I’ve never seen an Englishman wave his arms around like that when talking, so it can only be a taught behaviour. In any case, it comes across as unnatural and distracting. Nice idea though. Good subject too.

I could have done with less extreme edits, some sentences have been cut in half. Would also prefer you to have a more central position in the screen, and not have the top of your head missing. The graphics and noises were a bit too hectic too. I liked the growth bubbles for bonds and stocks, very descriptive.

Anything more complex could do with being slightly slower paced too.

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i feel informed but patronised, and the jim kramer manic-ness and jerky camera stuff is certainly de trop.

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So did I hear you correctly that Americans should consume more and invest less?

That’s exactly what we need.

Posted by y2kurtus | Report as abusive

Nice video!
There was a lot of glare from your glasses. If you clean then with a microfiber cloth and glasses cleaning spray right before you make a video there should be less.

Posted by twitch124 | Report as abusive

The handwaving and gesticulation left me feeling seasick.

As for the speech about bond markets, prices will rise if interest rates fall. Is that likely?

Bonds are the least likely investments of our time. Recovery will first be seen in equity markets.

Posted by jems | Report as abusive

I’d really hate to see this kind of flip attitude about the markets coming out of Reuters. As a frequent reader of your blog, I also would not like to see you doing this kind of pandering, mainly because you don’t need to. You don’t need to dumb it down, even if you want to do video.

About this specfic piece, you don’t actually explain how people lose money on bonds. If this is supposed to be explaining something to someone who doesn’t understand how bonds work, you’ve left out a lot of stuff. For example, if payments are fixed, how can I lose money? So what if prices go down? Unless the company defaults on their payments, I will get my interest and coupon.

You also don’t explain that when people talk about a “bond bubble” they also seem to be talking about a “bond wall,” which is very real, especially if you don’t know what bonds your investment manger is putting your money in.

Full disclosure: I work at Thomson Reuters (not in editorial)

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