October 18, 2010

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How JP Morgan lent its clients’ money to the doomed Sigma SIV, losing them millions — NYT

Joe Miller’s private security guards detain a reporter — ADN

Somebody find me a dish with chicken gizzards, sichuan peppercorns, fish sauce, scallions, and lime — MR

A Xerox Alto sells for $30,100 on eBay — eBay

Cuomo cruising to victory in NY by simply not being Paladino. Rick Lazio wondering why that didn’t work for him — NYT

17 years later a Japanese homeowner sells condo for a third of what he paid for it — TBI

The Swedish professor, the laptop thief, and the memory stick — The Local

Stieg Larsson spent a year with Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, teaching female guerrillas about grenade launchers — Tribune

Benoit Mandelbrot, Mathematician, Dies at 85 — NYT

One company the soaring gold price doesn’t seem to have helped: Cash4Gold — Fortune

Beard Awards Will Not Distinguish Between Online and Print Journalism — NYT


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