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What’s this about me getting some kind of online video programming before the end of the year?


Wall Street Doesn’t Get It datapoint of the day — NYO

Quantitative analysis of the difference between straights and gays — OKCupid

Tyson and Hubbard, blithe technocrats

Chrystia Freeland interviewed Laura Tyson and Glenn Hubbard here at Reuters this morning, and the whole thing was surprisingly friendly: the Davos-centric elite talking constructively about what ought to be done, and spending a lot of time agreeing with each other.

How the Google car could boost electric-car sales

Google’s driverless car is one of those technologies which makes me feel old, in a bad way: I would dearly love to have been able to grow up with this technology. And I can’t wait for it to arrive: I’m not a very good driver, and I’m sure that taking a Google car would be much safer for both me and for other road users.

How to attend the Value Investing Congress

It’s the Value Investing Congress today and tomorrow, I’m not sure whether I’m going to be able to make it at all, but you can be sure that lots of financial journalists will be filing breathless reports about various celebrity hedge fund managers’ investment ideas, and that the actual delegates at the conference will be even more excited about the prospect of getting to be in the same room as these multimillionaire investment stars.

How Dealbook lost its HP scoop

The NYT’s Dealbook franchise spent a chunk of yesterday in internal discussions on how to use Twitter, which is hopeful. But first they should work on their ability to use the Web.


John Carney has the best explainer yet on the foreclosure crisis — CNBC

Cigar Guy Unveiled — Time

The best response yet to Andrew Sullivan’s 10th blogiversary — Atlantic

When brokers aren’t followed

I can’t help but think that UBS’s widely-publicized tax issues are hurting its U.S. brokerage:

Can we trust the WSJ on Wall Street pay?

Back in January, the WSJ’s Stephen Grocer ran an startling article about Wall Street’s 2009 bonuses: