Back to my econoblogging roots

By Felix Salmon
November 2, 2010
Dean Starkman has the official statement and Laura McGann has the embarrassingly verbatim Q&A: I'm the new CJR Peterson Fellow, which means that I'm going to be blogging more about macro and fiscal stuff -- or rather the press coverage thereof.

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Dean Starkman has the official statement and Laura McGann has the embarrassingly verbatim Q&A: I’m the new CJR Peterson Fellow, which means that I’m going to be blogging more about macro and fiscal stuff, and especially the press coverage thereof.

If you read this blog, or its RSS feed, that’s great — everything I write as the CJR Peterson Fellow will also appear here. This just means that some of my stuff will also appear at CJR; it should also help prod me to write a bit more about the economy broadly, and the media coverage thereof — the beat I started on as a professional blogger for Nouriel Roubini in September 2006.

I need your help for this: I don’t want to just write lots of posts about how good David Leonhardt and Greg Ip are. And I’m interpreting “media” very broadly, to include everything from blog entries to CBO reports. So if there’s anything you stumble upon which falls under the general heading of fiscal/macro and which you think is particularly noteworthy, either for being good or for being bad, let me know. Send me an email, put it in a tweet with @felixsalmon in there somewhere, leave me a comment on this blog — the more stuff I get to see, the better this project will be. Feel free to shill for yourself if you’re so inclined.

And no, as I told Laura, this does not mean I share Pete Peterson’s views on the deficit and the national debt. In fact, I’m still agnostic on that question, and am looking forward to reading good pieces illuminating the debate. And slamming the lazy ones, too, of course.


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I’m waiting for someone (anyone) to refute the accounting realities of Modern Monetary Theory.

Nobody has laid a glove on Galbraith, Mosler, Bill Mitchell or anyone else who espouses MMT.

Krugman was willing to engage Galbraith on the deficit. Felix has always been pretty silent on this issue.

Posted by petertemplar | Report as abusive 5th anniversary discussion with founders Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus is worthy of comment (scorn).

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Felix — Tyndall Report keeps a database of all stories airing on the broadcast networks’ weekday nightly newscasts (ABC, CBS & NBC), complete with links to the online videostream of each package. The database is now four years old, with almost 20,000 stories. They are coded and tagged, with a variety of economic categories. You may want to bookmark Fiscal, MacroEconomy, Finance, and RealEstate to check out how the economic stories are covered by the MainStreamMedia for a general, mass audience. Cheers — Andrew

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Here’s a suggestion: examine the extent to which the message of Harold James’s “Austerity Politics, Then and Now” ( tary/james46/English) piece is not well-heeded by many econobloggers.

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One thing that I personally think would be interesting would be to see how stories get out there and in particular how new media such as twitter help stories get reconfirmed as what I see is a relatively small community following each other pass the same story around. How do certain blogs or reporters or commentators get credibility. Do they suffer from confirmation bias in what they read and follow? Maybe a sort of influence or network map.

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Dear Felix,
What is your email address ? It is not displayed in your article.
Thanks ;)

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My email is felix at

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