Video: Ben Bernanke, bubble blower

By Felix Salmon
November 15, 2010


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wow – you have a huge special FX budget!

Posted by KidDynamite | Report as abusive

Er, I’m a big fan of your work Felix, but to paraphrase Fred Flinstone:

I don’t know what the director got for this making this film, but he shoulda got life…

Posted by MaggiesFarmboy | Report as abusive

Well this is more than a little embarrasing

Posted by BenBernanke21 | Report as abusive

Well it will sink the dollar if he does enough of it. Since other countries will not allow some negotiated revaluation, it is our sole option.

Imported goods, and outsourced services, must be made much, much more expensive in the USA. You can do it with QE or you can put up overt trade barriers. End list. Either will increase employment since little is exported from here other than jobs, flim-flam and food.

Posted by txgadfly | Report as abusive

a lot more than a little embarassing

Bernake is flooding the markets with more cash because he is appointed by politicans. End of Story.

Can a politican afford to do nothing if the economy doesn’t approve? What opponent would not attack a politician doing nothing? Bernake has to act because not doing so is more costly that making an active mistake.

End the Fed, audit the fed, do something to prevent this from happening…

Posted by BHOlied | Report as abusive

Less movement next time, please. Your audience should not be so distracted by your awkward swaying and gesturing that they arrive at the finish line with no idea what you have said.

Posted by rdavi | Report as abusive

Well put. {I expected a visual pun on the liquidity trap; perhaps water rushing down a drain?} Congress is gridlocked so creating negative interest, which is like pushing a string, is all Bernanke has left. Sad.

As for creating jobs, industry doesn’t hire more people and expand factories, when sales are flat to down. It’s the demand. The phony schtick from the GOP about “insecurity about taxes and regulation” holding back investment is just that. No corporate exec is honestly thinking, “Boy, I’d build a big factory and hire 10,000 people to build more products that I can’t sell if only I knew my own taxes were going to go down and there wasn’t going to be a carbon tax or whistleblower law!”

Fed knows (sort of) how to deal with inflation; deflation, not so much.

Looks like another 12 months at least of stagnation. The GOP wants 24 bad months to keep Obama from being re-elected, so Congress can’t move. Sad.

Posted by JimLosAltos | Report as abusive

what age group is reuters audience?

Posted by dem_z | Report as abusive

the fed has backed itself into a corner this time. They have trashed our economy about 10 times now, you’d think they’d make a big mistake once in awhile, you know get punished, straighten up,do the right thing. But no, we have to keep trusting this kid on a broken tri-cycle to go to the store a few blocks away and get some more bubble gum. Yeah good luck with that. Were doomed unless we get rid of the big bully on the block with all the power to change our lives. A big thumbs down. I love my country, but not like this, run by a stupid greedy bank

Posted by mjimih | Report as abusive

Well put, JimLosAltos

Posted by Rhino1 | Report as abusive

They don’t call him Helicopter Ben for nothing. Looking forward to the sequel QE III (with production slated for 2012). I’ll probably wait to rent in on Netflix.

Posted by DisgustedReader | Report as abusive

Hey Felix is there any truth to rumors the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has chosen you as a Presenter for the 2011 Academy Awards after seeing your latest Bubble Blower video presentation?

Posted by DisgustedReader | Report as abusive

Congratulations Felix, a bit disturbing, but simply genial.

Perhaps exactly what Ben needs get the message… :)
But… should we ask “somebody else” to fix the job market?

Posted by robb1 | Report as abusive

thank you for showing the bubble nonsense for what it really is. the hole that needs to be filled is very big, isn’t it?

Posted by threeRivers | Report as abusive

Thanks God that the US is creating bubbles cause the rest of the world is sitting on there preverbial hands and doing nothing.
What you should be worried about is the fact that the Chinese have $2.7 trillion in reserves and 750 million people living on $2 bucks a day.
It will be the U.S.A. that will lead the rest of the spineless nations out of the world problem.
Hey how about that strong EU community. They cannot even be hones with themselves or India with 800 million people living on $2 a day.

Posted by mlknows | Report as abusive

Not good.

Posted by dedalus | Report as abusive

I really like bubbles, so I enjoyed it. But those hands surely are a flipping (literally )distraction. It brought a little levity, but the bubbles were too cutesy to get the point across.

An old fashioned toilet with the chain tank above it and a huge whooshing flush to follow or a train wreck might have been more appropriate, however.

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive