November 18, 2010

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A big infographic on how banks sold themselves CDOs — MortgageRates

“I dislike arguments that disparage moral intuition while inviting the clever to delight in the counterintuitive” — Interfluidity

Pre-roll ad views more than doubled in six months — AdAge

Max out your credit cards: even evil card companies only want a tiny fraction of the return that VCs do — Dash

The Washington Independent, RIP — Washington Independent

New York City proposes extending subway to New Jersey — Reuters

There’s no point in appointing a Wall Street type to the NEC if Wall Street doesn’t trust him — TNR

BofA’s seizure of $500 mln Lehman deposits unauthorized — Reuters

Cookbook writers are terrible at estimating how long it will take to cook a recipe — Slate

Peter Eavis has an elegant solution to the Ireland crisis, and he even manages to squeeze it into less than 140 characters — Twitter


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