November 22, 2010

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Is investing in small business a better bet than buying stocks? — Locklin

QE2 works much less effectively when it’s broadly criticized — WSJ

Nine out of 10 accidents involving cyclists and cars in Australia are the fault of the motorist — SMH

The French (incl Eric Cantona) will withdraw their money from the banks on Dec 7. But where will they then put it? — YouTube

41% of Twitter users balanced the budget without resorting to the fanciful Medicare growth cap — NYT

Trucks account for 4% of London’s road trips, but 43% of its cyclist deaths — Guardian

“Playing Music Extremely Loud Will Not Make Up For Your Lack of Talent as a DJ” — Eater

Joao Silva, NYT photojournalist, lost both his legs to a mine in Afghanistan. Support his recovery — Joao Silver

Palin’s publisher sues Gawker over book excerpts — AP

“The looming expiration of the BAB program is creating the very conditions it was created to alleviate” — Bond Girl

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