November 23, 2010
NY Mag

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Number of Americans Ignoring Their Finances Doubled in 2010 — WalletPop

Jesse Green’s profile of Spiderman and Julie Taymor. I’ve been walking by the theater every day, now I want to go in! — NY Mag

Adam Levitin weighs in on the legal nitty-gritty of the mortgage mess — Credit Slips

Did DC’s top ethics cop break her own rules? The further machinations of the anti-anti-for-profit-college crowd — Salon

One man’s victory against the TSA idiocy — No Blasters

Can QVC Translate Its Pitch Online? — NYT

NYT vs WSJ on the effects of NYC’s new bike lanes — NYT, WSJ

Reuters people most numerous in roll of slain journalists — The Baron

Money really can buy ugly — Curbed

Remind me never to go to hospital in the US — Currency

If you have a “what if somebody steals my idea?” mindset you will never get funded — Information Arbitrage

Ireland’s Hottest T-Shirt — TBI

What Tynt reckons New Yorkers find most engaging — Tynt

Quadrangle kaput — NYP

The TSA apologizes for delays to its wait-time calculator — TSA

“He is among the top 20 powerlifters in the world in his weight class, and he was runner-up two years in a row for the best paper in the Journal of Finance” — Modeled Behavior

Worst Android tablet ever — Ars Technica

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