November 29, 2010

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Europe Approves Irish Rescue and New Rules on Bailouts — NYT

Can’t read the recap of the Spider-Man musical preview without wincing — NYT

Guardian editor says they provided copy of cables to NYT — Yahoo

“Our package received more abuse when marked ‘Fragile'” — Popular Mechanics

“One West has upgraded its voicemail, from purgatory to hell” — Hirsch

The Guardian’s Wikileaks interactive visualization — Guardian

When Afghanistan’s vice president visited the UAE last year, he was carrying $52 million in cash — NYT

Katrina vanden Heuvel: An Apology to John Tyner — Nation

The amazing story of – long-form consumer-advocacy at its best — NYT

Keeping us safe: a video of the TSA madness — Atlantic

High-speed video on a fast-moving train — Capn Design

TPG is risking more than all the money it ever made on J. Crew—$1.2 billion—to get back in the company it recently owned — CNBC

“It Gets Better” — Love, Pixar — YouTube

Spectacular, must-read David Roodman post on the Andhra Pradesh microfinance crisis — CGD

New Avedon record: $1.15 mil for “Dovima with Elephants” fashion shot — Artnet


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