By Felix Salmon
December 9, 2010
Press Gazette

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“A source close the company tells us Groupon added 4 million email subscribers in the last week” — TBI (The CEO tells the NYT it’s 3 million)

Why does the LA Film School hate locavores? — LA Weekly

Participate in a proper scientific economics experiment by watching cute baby animals — NPR

For a guy who claims to hate bloggers, Aaron Sorkin is a really good blogger — HuffPo

Only 28,000 people are specifically paying to access the Times online — Press Gazette

Only the Daily Show managed to pick up on Bernanke blatantly contradicting himself — Daily Show

Why does OAuth default to letting third parties read my DMs? Is this fixable? — Guardian

What links December 15, February 14, and October 13, in that order? — Auto Insurance Blog


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The poor driving is most probably weather related, since Californians are simply incapable of driving in any weather other than sunshine. It’s not their fault but more and issue of practice I suspect.

Nevertheless the Allstate advice to avoid shifting your package, as it causes a distraction, is sound.
I mean, at least one hand is off the wheel at such a time and your mind is most likely ruing your choice of irksome underwear rather than concentrating on the SUV-driving moron about to cut you up.

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Here’s my thoughts on your Twitter OAuth question: ser/2010/12/why-user-permissions-dont-wo rk.html

Short version, the only thing that an app needs permission to read is your DMs, so that’s the whole point of the process. The problem is that Twitter’s security model around this is too complex and nobody but developers understands that. We need an even simpler approach to getting user consent to these sort of things.

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