December 9, 2010
Press Gazette

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“A source close the company tells us Groupon added 4 million email subscribers in the last week” — TBI (The CEO tells the NYT it’s 3 million)

Why does the LA Film School hate locavores? — LA Weekly

Participate in a proper scientific economics experiment by watching cute baby animals — NPR

For a guy who claims to hate bloggers, Aaron Sorkin is a really good blogger — HuffPo

Only 28,000 people are specifically paying to access the Times online — Press Gazette

Only the Daily Show managed to pick up on Bernanke blatantly contradicting himself — Daily Show

Why does OAuth default to letting third parties read my DMs? Is this fixable? — Guardian

What links December 15, February 14, and October 13, in that order? — Auto Insurance Blog


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