December 13, 2010

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Apple and Google likely in the bidding for Nortel’s patents, which could fetch $1 billion — Reuters

How journalists, op-ed writers, and bloggers live “in different parts of the balkanized Times empire” — NYT

Julian Assange’s Profile On OKCupid? — VV

Vladimir Putin sings Blueberry Hill in front of Kevin Costner — BoingBoing

Foul-mouthed but spot-on analysis of the political economy of Ireland — YouTube

NYT bombshell on wide extent of U.S. recruiting Nazis — NYT

“In India, the community component of micro-lending has never been taken seriously” — Forbes

National Security Letter horrorshow explained — ACLU

Jonathan Stray’s Iraq War Logs visualization — JS

Warner Bros. Finally Realizes That ‘Pirates’ Are Underserved Customers — TechDirt

First-hand account of what it feels like to be be stupid when you used to be smart — Garry/sub/

Will Gordon Brown get the IMF job? “He lacks political and personal diplomatic skills” — Guardian

$50 each, or 16 for $1000? This must be the art world — 20×200

Non-profit expenditure datapoint of the day: $200m over 5 yrs to sponsor football shirts — BBC

There is a certain amount of logic to the idea of a Chinese company buying Champagne house Heidsieck — Vitabella


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