By Felix Salmon
December 13, 2010

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Apple and Google likely in the bidding for Nortel’s patents, which could fetch $1 billion — Reuters

How journalists, op-ed writers, and bloggers live “in different parts of the balkanized Times empire” — NYT

Julian Assange’s Profile On OKCupid? — VV

Vladimir Putin sings Blueberry Hill in front of Kevin Costner — BoingBoing

Foul-mouthed but spot-on analysis of the political economy of Ireland — YouTube

NYT bombshell on wide extent of U.S. recruiting Nazis — NYT

“In India, the community component of micro-lending has never been taken seriously” — Forbes

National Security Letter horrorshow explained — ACLU

Jonathan Stray’s Iraq War Logs visualization — JS

Warner Bros. Finally Realizes That ‘Pirates’ Are Underserved Customers — TechDirt

First-hand account of what it feels like to be be stupid when you used to be smart — Garry/sub/

Will Gordon Brown get the IMF job? “He lacks political and personal diplomatic skills” — Guardian

$50 each, or 16 for $1000? This must be the art world — 20×200

Non-profit expenditure datapoint of the day: $200m over 5 yrs to sponsor football shirts — BBC

There is a certain amount of logic to the idea of a Chinese company buying Champagne house Heidsieck — Vitabella


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Funny joke on the 20×200, except what they mean is that; This is a limited series of 50 prints, each selling for $1,000. Of course it seems that people in the liberal arts don’t know the use of punctuation…

Posted by FitN | Report as abusive

FitN, the 11×14 prints come in two flavors. You can buy just one for $50. But if you want the full set of 16, that’ll set you back $1,000. Yes, there are 50 full sets for sale. But that’s not the $50 I was talking about.

Posted by FelixSalmon | Report as abusive

I think Putin’s inspiration was Victor the singing fisherman in “Local Hero” (my all time favorite movie). What really freaked me out about that vid is the irradiated children on the posters–was this a benefit for the victims of Chernobyl or something?

Posted by LadyGodiva | Report as abusive

If you look more closely, you can’t buy more then 5 individual prints at one time for $50 ea. Each order is a random set of 5, so you won’t be able to get all the pieces for 800. Not a good deal if you are looking to get all 16 different prints, eventually.

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

The National Security letter is a bit of a shocker. If the FBI can target you and garner your emails on suspicion you might be a security risk, your privacy is screwed… and after reading about what GWB era suspicion was, that would mean calling the President nasty names? 99% of the USA is at risk. lu-plaintiff-john-doe-ungagged

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive