By Felix Salmon
December 14, 2010

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TNW and Geekosystem interview Gnosis. “The timing for the release was quite a rush; we will not disclose why this was” — TNW, Geekosystem

This xkcd is just amazingly cool. It’s like a funny, perfect, free, nerdy, gorgeous Sol Lewitt — xkcd

You can now link to, or highlight, every separate paragraph on NYTimes — NYT

Among black men in NYC age 16 to 24 who do not have a high school diploma, just one in 10 had a job — NYT

If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold — SSPNet

Warhol Foundation Demands Reinstatement of Censored Art Work or Will Cease Funding all Smithsonian Institution Exhibitions — Warhol Foundation

Here are Nick Denton and Tom Plunkett being very sorry — Gawker

Attention data journalism, infographics, development geeks: Hans Rosling’s latest video — YouTube

Here come the ’99ers — CR

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