December 28, 2010
Animal NY

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Wherein Ken Griffin praises an executive for saying that the story of Amaranth’s portfolio platform integration was one she could tell her grandchildren — ZH

You thought Dodd-Frank had been passed? The GOP has other plans — NYT

In 2007, RIM Thought The iPhone Was “Impossible” — Macstories

Wall Street Bull Crocheted! — Animal NY

“Unlike the Washington Post, which obviously has nothing to do with journalism, I actually expect better of Wired” — Salon

Jon Stokes and I wrote this article on algorithmic and high-frequency trading — Wired

Isn’t there something a little unseemly about a business doing $5m/yr in revenue still having a tip jar? — NYT

walk,drive — Ngrams

“This is Deepak Sheti. In a city with over 13,000 taxis, Deepak has picked me up 5 times in the last 3 weeks” — Mr Murray

Car restrictions backfire in Beijing — Guardian

Spain’s finance ministry now has an English-language website — The Spanish Economy

Wherein Bono pulls Spider-Man and replaces it with “Bloody Bloody Sunday Andrew Jackson” — NMATV


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