By Felix Salmon
December 29, 2010

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Evan Hansen and Kevin Poulsen respond to Glenn Greenwald — Wired

Pork bellies are going the way of onions — Points and Figures

Wherein Nouriel Roubini, proud owner of a new $5.5M apartment, says that ‘Housing Prices Can Only Move Down’ — CNBC

Excellent Globe investigation of the military-industrial complex — Boston

Please wait outside rice-flour noodle — Atlantic

Highway 330 Collapses En Route To Big Bear, but the guardrail is still there — HuffPo

IBM announces solid-state memory breakthrough — Linux for Devices

Denis Dutton, author, philosopher, and founder of Arts & Letters Daily, dies at 66 — TVNZ

H&R Block Blocked from Refund Anticipation Loans — Credit Slips


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Ah you beat me to it. Greenwald is a hack, the worst kind of self-righteous BS artist.

Posted by Danny_Black | Report as abusive

Greenwald is, for all his faults, an idealistic humanitarian. He also happens to be a terrible bully, but that’s part of his schtick. Why do all the good guys have such serious character flaws as to discredit their good works?

Posted by silliness | Report as abusive

Greenwald may be a bully and a hack but that isn’t really the point, is it?

He is right on this issue.

“Wired” and Poulsen could easily refute Greenwald’s criticism by publishing the full chat logs. That they refuse to do so strongly suggests that the chat logs do not support the government’s persecution of Manning.

My guess is that “Wired” has been instructed by the government NOT to release the logs (and further threatened not to disclose that Big Brother has contacted them).

Posted by dbsmith1 | Report as abusive

silliness, I don’t see anything idealistic in any of the crap I have read of his. He is another one of these people who actively aid the worst countries in the world by deflecting criticism from them by screaming about relative trivialities in the US. He makes it even more offensive by his attempt to portray his bile as somehow being “brave” for daring to speak about about a topic all over the internet in a democracy that enshrines his right to say pretty much whatever he likes and trying to make out his colleagues are more craven than the likes of Syria or China or North Korea or even the UK because they don’t parrot what he says. As I believe Orwell once said “When everyone is guilty, no one is”. I hope there is a special place in hell for this sort of scum where they are forced to live eternity in a dictatorship the likes of which Saddam enforced or Kim Jeong-il still is.

dbsmith1, I will happily bet my left nut that nothing would convince you. Even if they released the entire logs you’d still find a way to claim something is being hidden.

Posted by Danny_Black | Report as abusive

Danny, thanks for your reply. I think GGs idealism is in his vision for freedom in America. He wants us to live out our democratic values even if it puts us in danger. I don’t think he really cares what other countries do, he only cares about our response and he expects us to use due process and respect the rule of our laws and treaties. He’s obnoxious about it – that’s for sure. He probably thinks we don’t have anything to fear from these other countries if we would just live up to our own values. That’s why I say he’s idealistic.

Posted by silliness | Report as abusive

silliness, ah ok. We have different ideas of idealism. I have to say that I think that US does live out its ideals to a greater extent than any other country. Certainly, whilst there is an inevitable herd effect in US journalism, they do not kow-tow like the UK press did to Gordon Brown.

Posted by Danny_Black | Report as abusive


“I will happily bet my left nut that nothing would convince you. Even if they released the entire logs you’d still find a way to claim something is being hidden.”

1. Based on the posts (yours) I’ve read, your opinion doesn’t interest me;

2. Usually a wager, to be interesting, has to be over something of value. Your “left nut” is something else that doesn’t interest me.

Perhaps others may have a different view.

As for the Wired/chat room log controversy: I don’t have an opinion on what the full log might show.

I think, given the seriousness of the government’s avowed intentions to charge Assange and Manning with conspiracy, the government would WANT to show the public that there’s a smoking gun!

Wired’s refusal to settle the controversy just smells wrong.

Posted by dbsmith1 | Report as abusive

dbsmith1 , yeah I know. Someone who thinks buying something for 1.25trillion is the same as giving someone 1.25trillion and that 7.5 trillion is less than zero is clearly someone with valuable views.

As for those who believe there is a smoking gun why would releasing the logs prove anything, they can simply deny that that everything was released. As you amply have shown, even if something is clearly and blindingly obviously true you won’t accept it if it doesn’t fit into your nice little view of the world.

Posted by Danny_Black | Report as abusive

Can anybody help? I’m trying to dig up a copy of a Heritage Foundation report from 1998 titled, “Social Security’s Rate of Return”. The only online copy I’ve been able to find is on their web site, and the charts don’t load.

(FYI, I believe their assumptions and conclusions are laughable. But I’m interested in some of those data tables.)

Posted by TFF | Report as abusive

Sorry, just found the “load PDF” button. Now feeling stupid. :)

Posted by TFF | Report as abusive

China wants to block Google but their signs use Google Translate? Good times.

Posted by Unsympathetic | Report as abusive

Unsympathetic, thats alright they can just steal the code….

Posted by Danny_Black | Report as abusive