Felix Salmon

Conflict disclosure of the day, Forbes edition

Hal Scott has an op-ed in Forbes, taking the Obama administration to task for supporting the Argentine government in its court fight against holdout creditors. As the prospect of sovereign default spreads from emerging markets to the euro zone, Scott wants the US to do everything it can to encourage other governments to never default. “Default,” he writes, “should only be a last, disgraceful resort.”

The new Gawker Media

Gawker Media’s big company-wide redesign, a year in the making, will finally come out of beta on January 3. It will the biggest event in Gawker Media history, for all three arms of the company—editorial, sales, and technology. It’s a concerted attempt for Gawker Media to stop being a blog network and start being something much more ambitious. And while that will be most immediately visible in the way that the blogs look, a massive change is taking place on the sales side, too: Chris Batty, Gawker Media’s semi-legendary head of sales, is leaving the company.

Transferring money gets easier

It’s far too difficult to send money to your friends, family, or acquaintances.


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