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Utter genius Wire matrix — Mighty God King

Orszag takes that multi-million-dollar vice-chairman gig at Citi — Reuters

Downward mobility datapoint of the day

If you’re white, and you were raised in the bottom 60% of the income distribution, you have a 22% chance of being in the bottom 20% as an adult.

The effect of unemployment insurance on unemployment

Last week, when I wrote my post on how to boost employment, the list started off unambiguously:

Looking for financial-crisis criminal prosecutions

Jonathan Weil and Jesse Eisinger wrote very similar columns yesterday, about the way in which the latest batch of white-collar-crime prosecutions is seemingly an attempt to occlude the fact that none of the main culprits in the financial crisis have been prosecuted of anything. Meanwhile, Janet Tavakoli has come out with a presentation listing just some of the people who might be liable for prosecution here:

The EU debunks the debt-speculation meme

Is the market in European sovereign debt rife with speculation? The NYT would have you think so. And indeed the EU was so worried about the possibility of manipulation in the sovereign CDS market that it commissioned a comprehensive report on the subject.

Myhrvold heads to court

On September 17, 2008, while the rest of us were running around like headless chickens watching the world come to an end, the WSJ‘s Don Clark ran an important story about Nathan Myhrvold’s patent-troll shop Intellectual Ventures:


“A source close the company tells us Groupon added 4 million email subscribers in the last week” — TBI (The CEO tells the NYT it’s 3 million)

Is there a secondary market in Madoff claims?

What’s even less probable than the government breaking even on its AIG bailout? How about Bernie Madoff’s investors getting all their money back? That’s what Stephen Gandel reckons might happen:

Bond-market demonization watch, eurozone edition

Did you know there’s a fight to the death going on in Europe? The NYT covers it today, under the headline “Central Bank and Financiers Fight Over Fate of the Euro.” Let’s see if we can spot a theme here: