January 3, 2011

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BofA tries to head off the Wikileaks threat, as much as it can. Which is hard, since there’s nothing it can do — NYT

“She died in 1995, yet her signature later appeared on thousands of affidavits submitted by Portfolio Recovery” — WSJ

RSS Is Dying, and You Should Be Very Worried — Camen Design

Countdown to Ocwen’s pointless evictions — Shame the Banks

Wooing the Hesitant Cyclist — Streetsblog

Venezuela to Devalue Currency — WSJ

Academic Economists to Consider Ethics Code — NYT

“Our platform (and the project to build it) is called GANJA. It’s not what you think” — Gawker

Erik Sherman finds the scandalous contract for Forbes contributors — BNet

David Kotok on why Build America Bonds were a good idea, and should be reinstated — Cumber


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