By Felix Salmon
January 3, 2011

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BofA tries to head off the Wikileaks threat, as much as it can. Which is hard, since there’s nothing it can do — NYT

“She died in 1995, yet her signature later appeared on thousands of affidavits submitted by Portfolio Recovery” — WSJ

RSS Is Dying, and You Should Be Very Worried — Camen Design

Countdown to Ocwen’s pointless evictions — Shame the Banks

Wooing the Hesitant Cyclist — Streetsblog

Venezuela to Devalue Currency — WSJ

Academic Economists to Consider Ethics Code — NYT

“Our platform (and the project to build it) is called GANJA. It’s not what you think” — Gawker

Erik Sherman finds the scandalous contract for Forbes contributors — BNet

David Kotok on why Build America Bonds were a good idea, and should be reinstated — Cumber


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So the “rss is dying” piece made zero references to google reader. Seriously?

This strikes me as someone with limited technical understanding making a big splash with nothing.

Surely Chrome users who visit Google Reader daily (and via an iGoogle widget) number in the bazillions.

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To get the Build America Bonds reinstated, consider how it played out in the tax discussions: with more support in the House than in the Senate, since they were mostly used by big and urban states. 63

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“American Economic Association, the world’s largest professional society for economists, founded in 1885, are considering a step that most other professions took a long time ago — adopting a code of ethical standards. ”

Always good to have an afterthought that economists might need a code of ethics! I think there are still a few horses left in the barn but, forgive me for being skeptical that anyone in the field will adhere to the association’s new ethics code when there is much money to be made from so many sources!

Anytime there is pressure from conflicting interests to cave to corruption, to be associated with businesses that require signing non disclosure agreements to protect from whistle-blowing which adds pressure for job loss for being ethical, there is a need for protective clauses to guide an individual or lose license/be fined for non adherance.

The Capitalist’s ‘greed is good’ mantra means many who manipulate money are doing a ‘good job’ and ‘God’s work’ and ethics are on a whole different scale where the credo is not that they are to do the public no harm … but to not be caught.

That the Association hasn’t addressed the revolving door and other ethical aspect of the job before now makes one wonder… why not? (but I do see why they hadn’t publicly disclosed such an oversight until now…)

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