By Felix Salmon
January 12, 2011

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Look at how much Belgian CDS have gapped out since Thanksgiving on no new news — Reuters

What if utility and happiness are unrelated? — The Money Illusion

The World Erotic Art Museum sues Thomas Hawk for $2 million for taking photos there — Thomas Hawk

Unsurprisingly, I agree with Carney contra Laurie Goodman on whether Mass banks can get their legal papers in order — CNBC

Irin Carmon dismantles Caitlin Flanagan — Jezebel

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In theory, Laurie Goodman should be right.

However, it implies a certain level of competence on the banks’ part in at least rudimentary record keeping. The one consistent lesson from the past four years is: “The banks couldn’t possibly have been this incompetent!…..Oh, I guess they could.”

I wonder if is possible that some of the unscrupulous (rare, I am sure) recorded title holders could realize how badly messed up the banks’ documentation are and make a grab for the foreclosure themselves as the current official holder. I am sure that it would make for ugly legal theater, but probably could up the ante that the trustee would need to fork over to get a clean assignment, especially if a bankrupt entity like Lehman was the middle man.

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