By Felix Salmon
January 14, 2011

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Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period — Slate

IBM builds a supercomputer to play Jeopardy — AP

Pharo to offer shares denominated in renminbi — FT

How much would you bid for a piece of paper with a chap’s name on it? — eBay

NJ gov Christie’s idoitic ‘bankruptcy’ comments derail bond issue — Bloomberg

Joe Nocera is moving to the NY Times op-ed page — Forbes

Mark your diaries for April 30: it’s the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show! — NABS

Amy Chua says the Wall Street Journal misrepresented her book with its excerpt — SF Gate

J.P. Morgan Chase to end services for diplomats — WaPo

“Every day, 50,000 new men are trying to get naked,” he says. “What we’re doing is selling the naked men” — Fast Company


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Um, I read Manjoo’s two spaces screed for the entertainment value, expecting to see a photo of him foaming at the mouth as he was writing. This person seriously needs to get a life, and I want a receipt for the ten minutes it took me to read it.

Posted by Curmudgeon | Report as abusive

For some reason, the Pharo link sends me to the Front page of the FT, and not to whatever article you are citing.

Posted by REDruin | Report as abusive

First I’ve ever heard that “two spaces” is outmoded. Guess I’ll adapt, but it sure feels wrong to use just a single space!

Posted by TFF | Report as abusive

@TFF – I learned to type on a manual Underwood when two spaces was the standard. Since the widespread use of proportionally-spaced fonts, it’s gone out of style. I’ve never seen anyone get worked up about it like this before, though!

Posted by Curmudgeon | Report as abusive

My high school papers were prepared on a basic electric (mono-spaced) typewriter. Happily personal computers came into vogue by college.

Posted by TFF | Report as abusive

“The market is very sensitive to the word ‘bankrupt.’”

That makes two of us.

Posted by EricVincent | Report as abusive

Great post as always Felix. I do believe, however, that Mr. Christie’s timing was “idiotic”. Slightly ironic.

Posted by CavelCap | Report as abusive

Wow, that Slate article was the ultimate waste of space–never mind the two spaces after the periods.

Posted by Lilguy | Report as abusive

Actually, I have seen technical writing editors frothing about the double space. However, as far as I can tell, Word automatically adjusts the double space width to the same width as a single space in its proportional types so it doesn’t appear to significantly impact the visual appearance of a document.

So, it appears that technology has solved the problem that it caused for us that learned on old typewriters.

Posted by ErnieD | Report as abusive