By Felix Salmon
January 17, 2011

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Goldman’s “principles would be no help in decision making: they are a mixture of untruths, platitudes and boasts” — FT

Food crisis solution: Reconsider how we farm — Good

A Filipino guy next to me freaked out: “In all of my 23 years, this is the first time I’ve ever met a celebrity!” — Gawker

Adam Levitin on trustee liability: “The trustees (USB & WFC) insist they have no possible liability. I’m not so sure.” — Credit Slips

Everything I know about Reince Priebus I learned from the Daily Show — TDS

Fantastic piece from Greg Spielberg on the importance of good illustrations on blogs — Nieman

Apple tells newspapers: no free iPad edition for print subscribers — Apple Insider

I wish my German was good enough to understand this: I like the jab at “internationalen Aufsichtsjargon” — BaFin

“A half-British former showgirl, Minetti became Berlusconi’s dental hygienist” — Guardian

Freakonomics Leaving NY Times to Start Own Venture — Forbes

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