By Felix Salmon
January 18, 2011
magazine piece on Europe's fiscal situation -- NYT

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Liz Alderman provides the news context for Paul Krugman’s big magazine piece on Europe’s fiscal situation — NYT

Monica Davey does something similar on the fiscal situation facing state governors in the US — NYT

Freddie deBoer with a sharp look at the dominance of the wonky technocrats in the lefty blogosphere — L’Hôte

Steve Waldman with a brilliant (and wonky) look at the dominance of technocrats on the left, and why they’re failing — Interfludity

Sarah Palin defends use of blood libel term — Reuters

Shipping rates in Pacific go negative for first time — Bloomberg


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Felix, you are a fan of annuities. Any thoughts on this? _annuities_safety_trap.moneymag/ m

I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be cheaper to invest in an index ETF and buy a ten-year put option on the assets?

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What on Earth happened to the Left indeed?

One of the most insightful looks I have seen is by the Pew forum:–How-R eligion-Divides-and-Unites-Us.aspx

Over the last 20 or 30 years, the left became arrayed against its old allies in the religious community on abortion, and more recently, redefining marriage.

Methodists for example have historically been major social activists, setting out a strong abolitionist doctrine 100 years before the end of slavery. Catholics have been a major force in support of the poor. But these groups cannot support a radical redefinition of marriage. The Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. had to end many decades of working with the city as a leading provider of adoption services because the city tried to force them to go against their beliefs.

As long as the left vigorously pursues a redefinition of marriage, it will continue to alienate the very ones it counted on as supporters in its fight on the economic front.

Perhaps the left imagined that its losses among the religious would be made up for with gains among the non-religious, but these newcomers do not share the concern for the poor of the left’s former allies.

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