January 19, 2011

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The origin of white Zinfandel: “Oh, my God, it’s got a pink tinge to it, and it’s too sweet.” — Dr Vino

Buy Starbucks coffee using your cell phone — NYT

Foundations Fail at Failing — GlassPockets

Why is Minyanville advertising on the subway? — Twitpic

Jerry York was some kind of rabid vector of off-the-record Apple rumormongering. Why? — CJR

The daughter of Amy Chua speaks out — NYP

First thing that Freakonomics will do when it leaves the NYT: move back to a full RSS feed. Good for them — NYT

Goldman, Facebook, solicitation rules and how it all comes back to media attention — Fortune

Wherein Matthew Bishop and Michael Green accuse me of “chuntering” — Philanthrocapitalism

“In this version, the blogger and the laptop are facing away from each other. They’ve parted ways, see.” — Mohney

Looks like the iPhone 5 will have a combined CDMA/GSM/UTMS chipset – meaning international roaming on Verizon phones — RWW

JPM admits it overcharged thousands of military families for their mortgages, and improperly foreclosed on 14 — MSNBC


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