By Felix Salmon
January 19, 2011

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The origin of white Zinfandel: “Oh, my God, it’s got a pink tinge to it, and it’s too sweet.” — Dr Vino

Buy Starbucks coffee using your cell phone — NYT

Foundations Fail at Failing — GlassPockets

Why is Minyanville advertising on the subway? — Twitpic

Jerry York was some kind of rabid vector of off-the-record Apple rumormongering. Why? — CJR

The daughter of Amy Chua speaks out — NYP

First thing that Freakonomics will do when it leaves the NYT: move back to a full RSS feed. Good for them — NYT

Goldman, Facebook, solicitation rules and how it all comes back to media attention — Fortune

Wherein Matthew Bishop and Michael Green accuse me of “chuntering” — Philanthrocapitalism

“In this version, the blogger and the laptop are facing away from each other. They’ve parted ways, see.” — Mohney

Looks like the iPhone 5 will have a combined CDMA/GSM/UTMS chipset – meaning international roaming on Verizon phones — RWW

JPM admits it overcharged thousands of military families for their mortgages, and improperly foreclosed on 14 — MSNBC


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“Charity alone cannot do the job; relying on charity because we are squeamish about making profits from serving poor people will mean more poor people going without or having to use real-life loan sharks, who are far more expensive and unpleasant to deal with than any recognised for-profit microfinance institution.”

So he admits many MF are simply a more pleasant (Nemo facade) loan shark? And if loan sharks are the real-life loan sharks, who are the fake/fantasy ones? (Sorry, but he said it twice…)

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I LOVE that open letter from Chua’s daughter! Frankly, the outcry against the “Tiger Mom” thesis (carefully provoked and stage managed as the controversy was) was predictable and feeble. Especially David Brooks’ “it’s hard being a sociable 14 year old girl” defense. Yeah, lots of Nobels in that, Dave. Feeble. We do need to push our kids to succeed more, and the push back from them is immense. We’d rather not deal. Too bad. Take the advice in the spirit in which it is given.

PS: Boys are harder than girls. Mine would burn their violins if I pushed that hard.

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Re the Chase wrongful fees and foreclosures, what does anybody expect? Yes, there is a law (a good one) that you can’t foreclose on deployed military, and this should be respected. But concentrate on the fees for a minute: if they are overcharging military families, guess what? They’re ripping EVERYONE off. I want people in jail for this crap!! Not holding my breath.

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“..Buy Starbucks coffee using your cell phone..”

Probably a fair swap, but depends on the make and model.

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Thanks for pointing us to that letter from the Little Tiger. Chua’s book, or at least the published excerpts, was a little “over the top”. But perhaps that is necessary to force us to confront our assumptions? If her writing had been more nuanced, less stridently stereotypical, would anybody have listened?

High expectations are GOOD, especially when the parent has equally high expectations for herself and her own involvement.

Be honest with yourself. Are you letting your 10 year old son watch television all afternoon because you believe it is good for him? Or because you are fearful of what he might say if you tell him to put more effort into his homework? Perhaps you are so absorbed with your own activities that you can’t be bothered to help him manage his own life?

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