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By: MikeInAtlanta Fri, 08 Apr 2011 00:50:20 +0000 Great article! I’ve been wondering about the fact that in the USA the top environments for startups seem to be mostly in some of the highest taxed places…Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, etc. I’m not sure about taxes in Boulder and Austen relative to average communities but I know the top three are much higher. And yet young entrepreneurs continue to migrate there.

By: otbergo Fri, 18 Mar 2011 17:34:40 +0000 Here’s how to become Norway:

1) See to it, that most of the people read at least one daily newspaper, giving the electorate a good knowledge of political and social issues, business and a global outlook.
2) Make the journalists compete to reveal crime and corruption in business and politics.
3) See to it, that the voters elect honest, hardworking politicians, taking wise decisions for local and central government.
4) Make the government sector transparent, so, though honest, nobody is tempted to be dishonest or behave corruptly.
5) Create good relations to all your neighbor countries, even Swedes and Russians.
6) Take good care of all your citizens.
7) See to it, that almost everybody has a job.
8) Continue like that for at least 100 years.

By: stickman Sun, 13 Feb 2011 21:20:08 +0000 Thank God, someone has pointed out the banality of the “it’s only their oil!” canard.

Apart from the fact that Norway only spends a fraction of its oil income on the present budget – as Saadjad correctly highlighted above, AND the actual article if we’re being picky – the country had already achieved a high standard of living together with social support structures before the discovery of its oil in 1969.

As a foreigner that has lived in Norway for close on two years, I have to say that the conception (in other OECD countries especially) of what constitutes “Scandinavian Socialism” is often so misguided as to be all but useless. I don’t agree with everything that I have experienced here, and would be cautious for suggesting how replicable their system is. However, I will say that their mixed-economy structure works for them, if nothing else, for the simple reason that everyone buys into it.

The Inc. article describes an example that was particularly striking to me as well… You can freely view the full salary and tax contributions of any and every Norwegian citizen (your neighbor, priest, date for next Friday night… even members of the Royal family) on public websites*. You can only imagine the cries of “privacy invasion!” if you tried to implement that kind of system in other parts of the world and yet it appears perfectly consistent with the Norwegian view of how a transparent and fair society should be run.

* E.g.

By: Saadjad Tue, 25 Jan 2011 23:18:05 +0000 I am Norwegian and there are some facts that people simply misunderstand. Norway is not a wealthy country only because of petroleum, in fact, every year only about 4% of the income from oil and gas are used in the state budget and are not that big a part of the budget in total. The rest of the yearly savings from oil/gas are directed into a state fund, that invest globally (ownership of 1% of world stocks/ 500 billion dollars!) but are obliged to invest ethically for future generations, long term that means. The thing is rather that the fund is merely being used because it is to big and may cause inflation if it is used in a great manner. The reason for Norway being wealthy is more the effectiveness. For example social programmes for the poor and troubled, are not just social but also a way to increase domestic spending. Just as the small variations in income, the almost non existing differences between rich/average (poor people are usually poor only because of alcohol/drugs) the fact that everyone have the resources they need is better for the economy than a situation where some are struggling and other are obsessed about bling-bling things, that are also bad for morality. The high number of days of vacation and the easily restricted amount of allowed working hours is an incentive for creative development outside work, it creates a good public attitude to work so people work longer and it makes room for everyone on the jobmarket keeping the unemployment low. The taxes and living costs are just in in proportional with the average income and relatively seen just average.

By: Danny_Black Tue, 25 Jan 2011 11:43:44 +0000 y2kurtus, unless I am misunderstanding something 12,000/4 = 3,000USD and you have never experienced the lottery that is the NHS. I think some of the best service and certainly the worst service I ever got was from the NHS.

Also 3,000 is the headline figure without all the accounting fiddling the Labour Gov was famous for.

Dollared, yet weirdly start-ups hire their first ten employees all the time in the US and in far east countries with no social safety net at all. Or are you stating that all US companies magically formed as if from Zeus head?

By: 74LS08 Tue, 25 Jan 2011 07:01:40 +0000 Reuters commentators are as much in touch with reality as a proverbial bubble boy. Knowing how to use a word processor and spell checker IS NOT enough to write articles on global issues.
To prove to you that author of this article is a total moron just take Norway’s GDP ($388 Bn) and than subtract proceeds from oil exports ($83bl) and metal exports ($9.7bl) than divide that number bu Norway’s population of 4.5ml and the GDP per head will go down by $18.5K. All numbers from 2010 Economist Pocket World Guide. And if you go back to 2005 when oil prices were at $35 bbl level per head GDP was only $34K.

Reading this article was the worst waste of my time today.