By Felix Salmon
February 4, 2011

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” I’d call it the worst cell phone I’ve ever used, but to do so would woefully undersell the sadists who’ve unleashed this little gadget of horrors upon an unsuspecting public” — Slate

“What was that, darling?” commented Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post. “Oh yes, we will do all of that, of course. Whatever you said. Yes, we will do it.” — Politico is live, with a logo and everything — CFPB

Hernando de Soto with sobering data on “Egypt’s Economic Apartheid” — WSJ

Students insisted on the existence of the Pacific Northwest tree octopus, even after researchers explained the information on the website was completely fabricated — MySA


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The MySA Tree Octopus post is a little crap-tacular, no?

It doesn’t even link us to the study, nor give us key information, such as the age of the children in question. Finally, as the first commenter at that page notes, it is the job of educators to impart these skills of evaluation.

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The MetroPCS article is a sign of things to come if Verizon/Google get their way on net neutrality. It’s probably inevitable but the internet is going to turn into a radically different user experience.

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Might be interesting to combine de Soto’s data with the ideas in this essay: on=com_content&view=article&id=525:the-n ew-republic–why-tunisia-isnt-a-tipping-p oint-for-the-arab-world&catid=35:newstic ker&Itemid=152

by Josef Joffe. Maybe Egypt’s per capita income is significantly larger than the official data say…

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