February 11, 2011
Value Investing

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Whitney Tilson’s 13-page report on “Why We Covered Our Netflix Short” — Value Investing

Jason Linkins on why HuffPo doesn’t pay its bloggers — HuffPo

A revolution in healthcare costs awaits! Don’t ingest the medicine, just write down its name on paper, and eat that — Stuff and Nonsense

The Unemployment Chart at 2000 Participation Levels — TBI

“Since the start of 2008 the labour force has not grown at all”: Greg Ip is very good on unemployment stats — Economist

Tragic, but not surprising. Seaport Museum Struggles to Stay Afloat — DNAInfo

2-way bike lanes mean fewer injuries — Daily

Former SF police chief Heather Fong has a $229,500/yr pension – 22% higher than her final-year base pay — SFGate


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