February 22, 2011
Bank of England

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An important paper by David Miles concluding “that the amount of equity capital that is likely to be desirable for banks to hold is very much larger than banks have held in recent years and also higher than targets agreed under the Basel III framework” — Bank of England

Penguin Group will deliver galleys digitally. About time too — NetGalley

Finances Could Sink Seaport Museum. Not surprising when 2009 revenues were $280k on a $5.2m budget — NYT

Mohamed El-Erian on how emerging economies are terrified of the money dropping from Bernanke’s helicopter — FTTilt

NYC’s searchable map of 311 calls — Lo-Down

Do I believe the NAR is overstating home sales? Yes — Inman, Matrix

Dan Chiasson on Keef. This wonderful book has generated an astonishing number of equally brilliant reviews — NYRB

“The problem is that when politicians have absolute power to name things, they name them after other politicians” — TNY

Gina Trapani on Why and How I Switched to a Standing Desk — Smarterware

Ivory Coast Seizes Four International Banks — WSJ

John Paul II did his official miracle after he’d already died. Does that make it a miracle-squared? — Reuters


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