February 25, 2011

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How can Buddy Fletcher’s tax returns show income of $1.5m from 2007-9 when he was paid $13.5m in dividends alone? — NYT

Google fires the first shot against Demand Media — Google

The cost of the Madoff investigation is equal to the annual budget of the SEC — NYT

Don’t Believe Everything You Read: The Real Skinny on Servicer Settlement Talks — American Banker

In Anti-Bike Lane Case, Gibson Dunn Strays From Pro Bono Standards — Streetsblog

“Avoid the guy who offers his clients ‘a very special opportunity’ to invest in anything. He has a problem with cocaine” — CNBC

Bill Black on Finance‚Äôs Five Fatal Flaws — Ritholtz

Amazing interactive health map of America — Measure of America (Check out the other maps too!)

The crazy corporate maneuvering behind the Smile Train-Operation Smile Merger — NYT


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