March 10, 2011

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What is the ratio of true statements to false statements in the official Spider-Man announcement? — Spider-Man

Preemie baby drug goes from $15 to $1,500 — MoJo

I love Salman Khan, even if I also have serious pangs of regret that I never had this when I was a kid — TED

Choire and Shah on splitting the check — Awl, ibid

Adam Levitin explains why arguments against the fraudclosure settlement are incoherent — Credit Slips

More pushback against Cassidy — Atrios, Bike Snob, Free Exchange, NYT

Why the future of journalism is entirely bright — Tumblr

David Broder’s remarkable life and career — WaPo

I thoroughly approve of the $10 Felix-the-Cat-opt-out charge — Onion

Tom Vanderbilt delivers the best article ever on car-bike relations — Outside

Pimco’s Treasury holdings drop to zero, cash hits all-time high — Zero Hedge

On decoupling NPR from government funding — Economist

“I mumbled something and backed slowly out of the office, thinking that if I made an abrupt move, he might change his mind” — Trillin

Matt Seaton on the NYT’s mysterious partisanship in the bike-lane wars — Guardian

An Egyptian song for all — Reuters


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