By Felix Salmon
March 18, 2011

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It seems that the NYT has persuaded Lincoln cars to sponsor free digital subscriptions thru 2011 for “an exclusive group of frequent visitors” — Twitpic

THIS is where you should be donating your money: Ivory Coast’s Health System Collapses, MSF Steps in — VOA

Special Report: Mistakes, misfortune, meltdown: Japan’s quake — Reuters

Lack of Leadership Prolongs Mortgage Settlement Talks — American Banker

Moral for CEOs Is Choose Your Fraud Carefully — Bloomberg


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I didn’t get the Lincoln sponsored free access, but I did get an email telling me I have free access because I am a Times Reader 2.0 subscriber. I don’t pay for Times Reader and don’t think I ever used it. I do have the iPad app and read the Times on the web to the tune of about 400 articles in the last month. Maybe they are comping other heavy users? I guess I’ll find out on the 28th. Here’s a copy of the letter:


Dear Times Reader Subscriber,

We want to let you know about an important change to our Web site,, and new benefits you will be receiving as a valued Times Reader subscriber.

Starting March 28, The New York Times will begin charging for unlimited access to and our NYTimes apps — but, as a Times Reader subscriber, you will get unlimited access* to and the NYTimes app for iPad® included in your subscription.

To continue to enjoy free, unlimited access, all you have to do is log in to or the NYTimes app for iPad with your current Times Reader user name and password.

We greatly value you as a Times Reader subscriber and are very pleased to provide you with these additional benefits.

Thank you for subscribing to The New York Times.

Yasmin Namini
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Circulation
General Manager, Reader Applications

P.S. We will send you a reminder about your free access to around March 28, when this change takes place. If you would like to learn more about this change now, click here for a message from Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., publisher of The New York Times.

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Here is your next mission, if you choose to accept it: 03/11/expatriot-games/?ref=style

1) Who the hell is Josh Winters? Why is he getting a 3-page essay in our nation’s most prestigious newspaper?

2) Who the hell gave this idiot child the money to move around the world with such ease? Apparently this is yet another eddy from the housing bubble – there is a hint this young man made money building spec homes in LA, until that went out of style.

3) Will Tom Freston care to comment on his cozying up to kleptocrats as his next act in business?

4) Will Brown University’s Alumni Office care to comment on how much money the Somalia warlord, Abdirizak Osman has given to the institution?

Future historians will cite this issue of the NYT’s Style magazine as the last final act of American empire and decadence.

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Another example of why the best reporting of the real state of America may be in the NYT’s Style Magazine: 03/11/the-last-boho-standing/

So hard to tell whether paying for the NYT’s is worth it or not. But this story and the one in my comment above say everything that needs to be said about the current exhausted condition of American civilization:

Art that is value-less to society other than as commerce and even on that basis, it is failing…

Commerce that creates no value and is simply a redefinition of theft and elite corruption…

Elites completely dependent on government supported credit bubbles to continue their parasitic ways and then, when even that collapses, they continue to argue for their place at the top of society’s pyramid of desperate souls.

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Not at all sure where Peggy Alford (the quoted “expert” with a vested interest) is getting these predictions from, but an interesting scenario regardless. She suggests several factors in play:

(1) Declining homeownership.
(2) High % of homes off the market due to foreclosure.
(3) Young adults moving out as they can afford to do so.

Towards the end of the article, it suggests that falling home prices may tempt renters to buy — but that might be limited to the markets where foreclosure rates were the highest. I suspect that rents will be going up (even if housing prices fall a bit more) in the other markets. Mismatch of housing inventory on supply and demand.

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