By Felix Salmon
March 30, 2011
Credit Slips

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A tribute to journalist and colleague Sabah al-Bazee — Reuters

Footage from “Jeff Koons Must Die” video game — Switched

More Bogus Lobbying Numbers from the Banks: Debit Interchange Rates — Credit Slips

I love the idea of Cloud Drive, but it’s way too expensive to use as storage/backup — Amazon


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1 dollar per gig per year doesn’t seem insane for cloud storage. It’s cheaper than raw Amazon S3 or Rackspace’s cloud storage offering.

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The ABA chart DOES explain why there hasn’t been more pushback from merchants (thus far). They are accustomed to losing that % of sales to interchange fees.

Still agree they should be lower, and in this case “market economics” provide the wrong incentives since the card companies can buy market share by promising consumers a cut of the fat profits.

Until there is real competition, regulators need to take a hard line on interchange fees.

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You may think the Cloud Drive is expensive but look at the volume discounts they are offering!
I am definitely going for a terabyte. I mean that last 500 gigs is costing WAY less than the first 500. Oh, wait.

Perhaps this isn’t Amazon’s last effort at pricing.

Posted by TinyTim1 | Report as abusive

Well, I think part of the Amazon pricing model is that this is aimed more at users that want to stream music as opposed to users that just want to use the service as simple file storage. Amazon doesn’t just come right out and call it a music service because they’re already supposedly anticipating a legal battle with the recording industry. But the bandwidth and processing requirements of a streaming service are many times greater than those of a simple file storage service.

Posted by spectre855 | Report as abusive

Idea of Cloud Drive? There are a million of sites that offer the same/better thing. Microsoft has Skydrive, Google has Docs (yes you can store any file), Dropbox is way ahead by syncing files automatically etc.

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