Felix Salmon

Perfidious Goldman

March 28, 2011

betrayal.tiffThe WSJ has a great article today about that most fickle and capricious of creatures, the Goldman Sachs investment banker. He’ll sidle smoothly up to you, buy you a drink at the bar, even get in to bed with you — but it’s not you he wants, he’s really only in it for the money. And if your rich uncle raises his eyebrow in a suggestive enough manner, your paramour is suited up and out the door faster than you can say “secrets of the boudoir.”


March 28, 2011

Dana Vachon on Rebecca Black — Awl

Instead of giving public money directly to NPR and PBS, let’s just launder it through Goldman Sachs first — Twitpic

The NYT paywall goes live

March 28, 2011

Staci Kramer is absolutely right that the NYT has a tough battle ahead with the public perception of its paywall, which is going live today.

How will the AGs enforce the mortgage settlement?

March 27, 2011

Alex Ulam has a must-read article in American Banker which shows the biggest pitfall likely to face the mortgage servicers’ settlement with state attorneys general: enforcement.

Bill Keller vs openness and transparency

March 26, 2011

Bill Keller has now written two three columns for Hugo Lindgren’s NYT Magazine, and both of them the last two have taken aim at the Huffington Post.

Swedish inequality datapoint of the day

March 25, 2011

Thanks largely to the NYT, the wealth-inequality survey by Michael Norton and Dan Ariely is back in the news. You might remember it from back in September. Here’s how it was reported in HufPo:

VIX datapoint of the day

March 25, 2011

Gillian Tett takes a look at the VIX today:

Last week, for example, a record 1m Vix options contracts changed hands on one day after a spate of bad news from Japan and the Middle East. This beats the previous daily record of 715,000 contracts recorded in December 2009 and is several times the level of anything seen even during the crisis of 2008…


March 25, 2011

NY Fed’s Bill Dudley visits Queens. It doesn’t go well — NYPost

Intriguing thesis: NYT is deliberately nudging people away from the iPad app & towards the browser, to cut out Apple — Poynter

James Murphy’s role in the LCD Soundsystem ticket fiasco

March 24, 2011

James Murphy, of LCD Soundsystem, is not on Twitter a lot. In the past month, he’s tweeted precisely eight times. But when he was trying to sell tickets to his final show at Madison Square Garden back in February, he was very active. He started on Tuesday February 8, with two tweets to announcements of a ticket presale on February 9. And then after the presale released tickets onto the market, he started getting angry, with a series of eleven tweets expressing violent and profane anger towards scalpers in general and StubHub in particular. It seems his ire was raised by someone selling a single ticket for $1,500.