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Chart of the day, US taxes edition

Ask, and you’ll receive an explanation of what this chart means.


tax_burdenthinOne way to look at this chart is in horizontal slices. Right now, for instance, if you look along the bottom of the chart, you can see that the line is bluest at the right-hand end, and reddest in the middle-class zone up to roughly $100,000 a year in annual income. When the chart is blue, that means you’re paying less tax than people on your income level have done historically, and when it’s red that means you’re paying more.

A newspaper paywall done right

Alan Mutter has a great example of how to put up a paywall the right way. The Augusta Chronicle put a paywall in place in December — and since then traffic is up by 5%. (One proviso here: that seems to be a year-on-year comparison, and so traffic might have fallen from its levels immediately before the paywall was implemented, the numbers are unclear.)

Why market aftershocks will continue

Neil Hume asks whether the stock-market plunge in Japan is an “overreaction,” as markets around the world are exhibiting enormous volatility and uncertainty for obvious reasons.


American Homeowner Preservation Buying Pools of Defaulted Mortgages & REO’s: An intriguing and hopeful development — Shame the Banks

Don’t donate money to Japan

Individuals are doing it, banks are doing it — faced with the horrific news and pictures from Japan, everybody wants to do something, and the obvious thing to do is to donate money to some relief fund or other.


Transcript of Warren Buffett’s Interview With the FCIC — Santangel’s Review

Why the Fed needs to get its act together on payments

I’ve known Josh Reich, BankSimple’s CEO, for a while now, but it’s only today that I managed to sit down and have a serious conversation with CFO Shamir Karkal. He’s a very interesting guy — go check out his latest blog entry on the rise of Credits and you’ll see what I mean. Our discussion today was largely about payments, an area where BankSimple stands out starkly from the mass of banks and credit unions by being in favor of lower debit interchange fees.

Board compensation datapoints of the day

Should there be some kind of cap on director compensation? The question arises in Duff McDonald’s Fortune profile of Rajat Gupta from October:


Fed capture watch: its report says wrongful foreclosure can only happen when the owner isn’t delinquent — HuffPo