April 5, 2011

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In which I talk to Chrystia Freeland about what Bob Zoellick should do in the middle east — YouTube

Libyan Hipster: The Williamsburg Warrior — Seb Meyer

Disturbing eyewitness account of a bike arrest in NY — Eric Martin

Hilarious write-up of Gorbachev’s glitzy and super-creepy 80th birthday bash by Miram Elder — Atlantic Wire

Carver Federal Savings on the brink — Crain’s NY

Scalia, in a dress shirt, with an unknotted bowtie hanging around his neck, in a 10am car crash — WaPo

That’s no traffic snarl-up! It’s a “strangely beautiful confluence of auto lights”! — NYP

Best blog post of the weekend from Libya (and much the funniest) — Revolutionology

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